Harzard Suit type 5b/6b Coverall


It protects workers from hazardous material particles and chemical liquid splashes
Protects against liquids with chemical concentrations less than 40%
Protects against solvents
Laminated film coated microporous
Resistant to tearing, abrasion and pulling
Fits to the body thanks to its elastic waist and wrist parts



Standards & Applicability

- EN 14126:2003/AC:2004
- EN ISO 13688:2003
- EN 13982-1:2004/A1:2010
- EN 13034:2005+A1:2009
- GMDN: 35492
- UMDN: 11901
- Used for HIGH risk situations. Pathogen resistance, infectious diseases ( non-airborne), large amounts of fluid exposure over a long period


Donning and Doffing

Before putting on your overall please remove all jewellery, including watches and wedding rings.

Bootcovers first then your disposable overalls, your respirator, followed by eye protection or face shield, so the last item of PPE to put on is the hood of overall. When putting on bootcovers, the tough surface of the covers should be under the soles of your boots.

When putting on overall, be careful not to tear the fabric and ensure the zip is pulled up to prevent dust getting into openings.

The last item of PPE to put on is the hood of your overall. Place the hood over your head and secure it around your face and over the straps of your respirator, and zip it up. 

Start with unzip to waist for doffing. Pull hood away from head, release first arm from behind back and extract second arm from within garment. Roll garment down body, dispose of garment. Use clean hands to remove face protection equipments.


Storage, Disposal & Recycling

It is recommended to be stored in cardboard boxes at 15-20°C away from sunlight. If stored under suitable conditions, it should be use within 3 years after the production date. 

Overall that are not contaminated can be treated as general garbage or recycled. 

Overall that have been contaminated should be treated as hazardous waste and disposed of as hazardous waste in accordance with national regulations.







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