Scrub Suits | Waterproof

Waterproof suits can be worn over the uniform or places like the examination room or in the surgical environment

Antibacterial,  stain-proof and  water-proof

Disposable scrub suit is made of a fabric with a special breakthable texture that doe not make you sweat, considering your intense work pace during  the day, so your existing jersey will not get dirty, will not contain viruses, bacteria and will be long-lasting. 





Donning & Doffing Gown

Make sure the area is clean while wearing your scrub. Put both hands in the armhole and move your arms and schoulders. Try not to spoil the sterilization of your scrub. Ater removing it, minimize te contact and throw it in the dustbin.


Storage,  Disposal & Recycling

It is recommend  to be stored in card board boxes  at 15-20C away from sunlight. If stored under suitable conditions,it should be used within 3 years after the production date. 

Scrubs that are not contaminated can be treated as general garbage or recycled. Scrubs that have been contaminated should be treated a hazardous waste and disposed  off as hazardous waste in accordance with national regulations. 



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