Shoe Protection | Bootcover

55 g / m2 PP + PE lamination technology and fiber technology provide protection against dirt, oil, dust and chemicals thanks to its micro-porous surface.

Firm against, tear strength, puncture, stretching, pathogens from blood and fluids keep bacteria away from the wet environment


- EN ISO 13982-1 

- EN 13034 

- EN 1073-2 

- EN 14126/AC 

- EN 1149-5 

- Basic care, standard hospital medical unit

Storage,  Disposal & Recycling

It is recommended to be stored in cardboard boxes at 15-20°C away from sunlight. If stored suitable conditions, it should be use within 3 years. - Shoe cover that are not contaminated can be treated as general garbage or recycled. - Shoe cover that have been contaminated should be treated as hazardous waste and disposed of as hazardous waste in accordance with national regulations.



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