Shoe Protection | Shoecover with tape

55 g/m2 PP+PE laminated technology and nonwoven (nonwoven fiber).

Technology provide breathable comfort thanks to its micro porous surface to protect against dirt, oil, dust and light chemical thins.

Firm against abrasion, tear strength, tensile elongation, puncture, stretch, pathogens born from blood and fluids, radioactive particles, wet environment bacteria.

Nonwoven Shoecover is made of breathable material, includes an elastic band for flexibility to fit all adult shoe sizes and helps keep the sleeves comfortable on your foot


- EN ISO 13982-1 

- EN 13034 

- EN 1073-2 

- EN 14126/AC 

- EN 1149-5 


- Basic care, standard hospital medical unit

Storage,  Disposal & Recycling

It is recommended to be stored in cardboard boxes at 15-20°C away from sunlight. If stored suitable conditions, it should be use within 3 years. - Shoe cover that are not contaminated can be treated as general garbage or recycled. - Shoe cover that have been contaminated should be treated as hazardous waste and disposed of as hazardous waste in accordance with national regulations.



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